Theca Phase 1 is completed

Phase #1 done

According to the program, the first phase of our road map is complete!

Dear community, We bid goodbye to 2021 in a rush of euphoria!

We are proud to announce that Theca has successfully completed the first phase towards the development of its ecosystem. The fire of decentralization got us closer to our vision one step at a time. So has been the case here at Theca.

Steps accomplished:

✅ August 2021 Idea and core team The idea of spreading and protecting copyright paves the way for Theca, the first blockchain library. Theca core team is put up quickly and the structure of the project is defined.

✅ November 11th 2021 Theca token on Solana network After months defining goals and elaborating technical market analyzes, the THECA Token is published on the Main net of Solana.

✅ December 15th 2021 Website and social network It is time to make Theca known to the world, gathering support. The Theca project, the website and the communities of Telegram, Discord, Twitter and Instagram are made public. More than 100.000 users joined Theca’s journey and we couldn’t be happier of the results archived.

✅ December 17th 2021 Liquidity pool Liquidity Pools are created within the Solana ecosystem (Jupiter, Raydium, etc …) and THECA can be exchanged via Swap. Subsequently, the Theca swap will be made public directly on the website.

✅ December 20th 2021 Launchpad and AirDrop The initiatives to promote the THECA token through the launchpad and AirDrop are published. 10,000,000 THECAs are expected to be distributed to the participants. 2022 will be a great year for the development of the Theca project, stay up to date to know more about Theca’s Ecosystem!

Are you curious about the 2022 steps?

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